CMPE 195A/B 🙌 (at SJSU College of Engineering)

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at Fort Funston

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The best thing about living in Daly City (at Thornton Beach Vista Lookout Point)

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#MerryChristmas! 🎄

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Merry Christmas from the Fratchet house. #EightAt82 #santawascreepy #lightskinnedbbygirls #darkskinnedsidechicks #andyisinaboyband #jeremyiscold

"She says she wants to learn, but never actually does it."

This has always been a fight I’ve had with myself. I show interest, but never pull through. I find it very hard to be self-disciplined.

Hearing these words really lit a fire under me.

I’ve been “burnt out” (pun intended) for the past 3-4 weeks. I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start, so I just give up. I take breaks at the wrong times, and it turns into major procrastination. I know people won’t always be there … or they should not have to be there to motivate me, but I’m thankful that my friends are able to be that type of support system for me. 

Time management and prioritization are still two skills that I struggle with, even at 22 years old. I fall off track, as many of us do sometimes, but hearing what I have to hear helps me realign my focus.

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42 Amazing Maps

I love making sense of random data and making it not-random anymore.

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#LakeTahoe (at South Lake Tahoe Recreation Area)

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I never knew such a place existed deep in SF (at Sigmund Stern Grove)

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Daft Punk | Fragments of Time